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2004 Black Company Documentary (25 minute film)
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The Black Company is a multi-venue sub-culture social organization. At renaissance faires we are a band of mercenaries also known as the "Skinflints". We were formed in late 1998 as a purely medieval group and contined as such until 2004 when we broadened our horizons to other venues. We attend many public and private events through out the course of a year including renaissance and pirate faires, having medieval weapons practice, learning fire arts, fighting at medieval wars, camping at Burning Man, and occasionally doing events in the SCA and The Empire of Adria and other events as well.

As a medieval guild we re-create mercenary men and women that could have existed between the year 0 and 1603. Each member can strive to reach the level of authenticity that they desire with some minimum standards set. Our main love is combat. We fight with various types of weapons and systems, the height of which is un-choreographed heavy armor combat. We use real weapons that are dulled for safety. This is stunning to watch and even more exciting to do. Ever wonder what it is like to clash real swords with someone, and see who is the better? That is what we do.

Combat is the main dish, but it is not the only one served here. We also enthusiastically engage in the fine pursuit of wine, women and song (or otherwise having A Smashing Good Time!)

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