Why does anyone need the Black Company?

Do you have a small or large military situation developing? Peasant uprising? A troublesome city-state or neighboring Baron? The Black Company is uniquely qualified to handle small armed conflicts and for commanding large scale military actions with your own troops aided by Sir Storm's crack command staff. With Sir Cornelious Storm generaling your army your worries about insurrection and foreign invasion are all but a painful memory. Schooled in all forms of classic and obscure military strategy and tactics, Sir Storm has honed his fighting force to a surgical precision that borders on the miraculous. Even with unfavorable odds the Black Company has come out on top time and time again, routed our clients enemies and stringing their entrails on trees for all to see! (At your request, extra charges apply.) We charge a reasonable commission and more importantly once the Black Company has been contracted they stay contracted, unlike some of those other mercenary companies run by 3ird son's of Nobility. Sir Storm has never backed down once he has taken a contract and that is no bullshit!

So contact us today for terms and availability!

Maybe the Black Company can help you rest easy and your enemy's rest forever!

Ask the Crowns of Terre Neuve how they feel about the Black Company! 9 battles and 9 victories!

* Special offer: If the Black Company takes the field of combat and the enemy runs in fear without a fight you get a 15% discount!