Escondido Ren Faire


The Black Company is breaking out the whips and chains again in 2012. This year it's fire, breasts, steel and fondue! We are a multi-venue sub-culture social organization. What does that mean? It means we like to do things. We were formed in late 1998 as a medieval/renaissance guild and contined as such until 2004 when we broadened our horizons, and reformed and expanded to other venues. Now we attend many public and private events through out the course of a year including renaissance and pirate faires where we set up a camp and perform live steel fighting, knife fighting, and fire shows. We also do weekly medieval weapons practice on wednesday nights. We also do a bi-weekly fire practice where fire performers from all over the San Diego area come to learn and teach the fire arts, such as poi, staff, sword, fans, hula hoop, and anything else you can light on fire, spin or swing. We are involved regularly with Burning Man and many other Burning man type events and sometimes setup pirate camps and perform in shows. We have thrown spectacular New Years theme parties for several years and even a medieval rave feast. We like to keep busy!

As a faire guild we re-create mercenary and sometimes pirate men and women that could have existed in history or fantasy. Each member can strive to reach the level of authenticity that they desire. Our main love is combat, playing bigger than life characters and fun NOT recreating specific history. We fight with various types of weapons and combat systems, the height of which is un-choreographed heavily armored combat. We use steel weapons that are dulled for safety and wear 50-75 lbs of armor. This is stunning to watch and even more exciting to do. Ever wonder what it is like to clash real swords with someone, and see who is the better? That is what we do. We fight in tournaments or we fight to the yield.

We also play with fire. Swords, whips, poi, breathing and anything else we can get our hands on. We have combined Sword fighting & fire, with dramatic storylines in performances at Xara 06, Elysium festival, The Black Company 10th annieversary medieval rave feast and at Road Warrior Wasteland weekend. As we mentioned before we hold a weekly fire practice that is free and open to beginners. Feel free to contact us for more info.

Combat is the main dish, but it is not the only one served here. We also enthusiastically engage in the fine pursuit of wine, women and song (or otherwise having A Smashing Good Time!)

2004 Black Company Documentary (25 minute film)
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2006 Fighting Video
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Black Company Adventure in the Snow - dec 2007

Performing with Fire Conclave - Burning Man 2007
Fire Friday

Some of the Gang at Esco 2007

Black Company at Comic Con

Serpent Performance at Xara 06

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Quotes to ponder:
"Courageous, untroubled, mocking and violent-that is what Wisdom wants us to be. Wisdom is a woman, and loves only a warrior." ~Friedrich Nietzsche

A Gentleman is just a patient Wolf