You too can become "sick in the head!"

Do you have unresolved issues with society? Are you a circus freak? Do you find yourself looking for ways to be different and odd? At family gatherings are you the one that does not fit in? Have you disowned your parents, thrown out your religion or just plain failed to conform? Do you have dark thoughts that lead you to say rude generalizations about humanity in general not because your full of hate but because other people are? Do you find yourself wearing funny clothes and odd get-ups to attract attention or maybe solely just to NOT look like those OTHER people walking around? Do you like the color black? Does black clothing make you feel better and stronger when you wear it? Can you honestly say you haven't considered quitting your job and becoming a carne or traveling to Africa to build houses for the poor? Do you want to live in a castle or giant warehouse with other freaks like you? Do you like to play with fire? Do you like to push the edges of societal norms? Do you want to join a tribe and be part of something bigger, but conventional social venues leave you bored to freakin tears? Did you turn 21 and find out that going to Bars was mostly annoying? Do you like alternative sub-cultures and the people and the energy that are involved in them? Do you have tattoos that felt like they were missing from your body before you got them and only now do you look like how you were supposed to? Are you into living life instead of just putting up with it? Do you want to grow and change and metamorphosis into someone that can only be described as a character from a book or movie? Is the life you have now too small and you dream of grander things, better things, more exciting things and more extravagant things?

Yeah, us too...

The Black Company is a social organization. Joining us by it's very nature is a complicated proposal. In some ways, you must already "be" one of us. If your interested in joining our company then you start by getting to know us, find out what we are doing and join us for that event. Hang out and get to know the other members. Those that join us are already brothers and sisters in spirit and once this is apparent it may be hard to NOT JOIN!

Beyond that, we usually expect people to participate with us for a good year at some very big events and in that year it will become apparent whether your Black or not.

See you at the next freak show!